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There is a new athlete on the field, on the court today. That athlete trains harder, smarter and more effectively than at any time before in the history of sports. This new wave of athletes are faster, stronger, more explosive and healthier than any athletes to come before them. Decisions on the field are made at hyper speed and opportunities to make great plays arise because the speed of the game has increased.  At E-Matt Athletics Speed and Agility we are literally making the field, the court smaller because our athletes are pushing the envelope of speed, explosiveness, strength, reaction and blowing by opponents that have previously been able to stop them.  Welcome to the future of performance training, welcome to E-Matt Athletics.
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Proud to see my receiver Kameron Uter who I had the privilege to coach last year & who trained with
E-Matt Athletics, sign to the LA Dodgers.

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Eric Matthews Youth Foundation join Boss Lady United to provide Food for the Homeless..

      7th Annual Red & Black Gala

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